Rejuvenating Paraffin Baths Serving Monterey

As far back as the 1950s paraffin baths were used by doctors and other medical professionals who sought to provide pain relief to patients who were suffering from illnesses such as arthritis. Medical advances have meant that this practice is less and less common in the medical world, but that does not mean that the many benefits that paraffin baths provide are now outdated. In fact, when it comes to the spa and beauty treatment world, paraffin baths are all the rage.

At Asilomar Beauty Bar we offer a range of paraffin baths that can enhance or accompany any manicure, pedicure or other nail treatment. The paraffin bath is a unique way to revitalize your skin, and we are proud to say that it has become a big hit with many of our Monterey clients. If you are interested in finding out more about this unique treatment or are simply looking to schedule an appointment with us, then call our Monterey office today. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Paraffin Baths are so Effective

The reason that our paraffin bath treatment has become one of the most popular options on our skin and nail spa treatment menu is simple. The hydrating nature of this petroleum-based bath provides a perfect way of moisturizing and softening the skin on your feet and hands while also coating the skin’s surface. The coating of the skin is a crucial component of the bath as this removes any excess or dead skin cells quickly and effectively.

What’s more, the hydrating features of a paraffin wax bath mean that it is the perfect way of opening your skin’s pores which in-turn increases circulation and allows the hydrating element that it possesses to penetrate the outer layers of your skin.

What does the Application Process Involve?

At Asilomar Beauty Bar, we take immense pride in the service that we provide. For that reason, we hold our technicians to very high standards. This means that all of our skin therapists are professionally trained and fully certified in all paraffin bath treatments. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other spa facilities in Monterey and is one of the main reasons why our treatments are so popular.

When it comes to paraffin baths, our technicians will apply the paraffin wax to your hands or feet by dipping them into our state-of-the-art, customized baths. However, if you wish to have the paraffin wax applied to a different part of your body such as your upper arm or leg then our technicians will brush on the wax.

Instant Pain Relief

The main benefit of paraffin wax is derived from the heat that it wraps your skin in. This intense, but safe heat makes it perfect for relaxing the surrounding joints and tissues. Paraffin wax baths are particularly helpful when treating stiff joints as well as alleviating associated pain.